Free Fire is also a very popular game that has many hackers playing the game. These hackers have free access to in-game currency and sometimes have hacks that cannot be detected easily. Here we will be speaking about the different kinds of hacks that are predominantly practiced in Free Fire.

Types of Hacks that are used in Free Fire

There are 5 different kinds of hacks in Free Fire that are detected by Garena security system (which updates in intervals of 45 days). Without further ado, let’s know about every Free Fire hack in detail.

1. Aimbot

Free Fire Hacks
Aimbot Hack

Aimbot is the most common hack that is used in Free Fire. This hack contains 3 modes of aimbot.

  • Headshot: In this mode, players do not need to shoot their gun at the enemies, it will automatically lock aim and fire at them.
  • Semi Aimbot: In this mode, the player only has to fire while in the crosshair. It will always go for the opponent head, whether the player fires or not
  • Aim lock: In this mode, the fire button will automatically get dragged which finally results to close the gameplay naturally.

2. Diamond Hack

Free Fire Hacks
Diamond Hack

Free Fire has 2 main currencies: Gold and Diamond. Gold can be obtained easily by playing 1-3 games of Battle Royale but diamond currency can only be obtained by spending real-life money. Moreover, the diamond hacks give the best advantage point as it allows them to spend infinite diamonds just like their favourite YouTubers. But beware, this hack is the easiest way to get banned.

3. Wall Hack

In this hack, the player who is using it can make the vehicle fly, go through wall/rock/pillars, and can increase movement speed. Major hackers of free fire use this for rank push as opponents can’t even touch hack users. This hack cannot be found easily on Google or telegram. The player either has to purchase a hack from Brazil or has to make the script. This hack again can be easily detected by the Garena security system.

4. VIP Hack

Free Fire Hacks
VIP hack

VIP hack is one of the most expensive hacks as it is made once or twice a month. This hack works a minimum of 2 months before you get banned. Vip hack can easily be obtained from telegram or from Brazil. VIP contains every listed hack till now and doesn’t ban for a long period of time.

5. Scripts/1KB Mod Hack

Free Fire Hacks
Scripts Hack

These are the best hack ever in the Free Fire but they are limited there are only 1-2 users worldwide as these scripts/mods are highly compact and useful. They are costlier than the previously discussed VIP hack. In the script, there is a code which, after applying to the Garena data folder, will automatically start working (in this hack player only has to shoot and aim they don’t have to drag plus applying macro to this script player can also place gloo wall easily).

Final Thoughts

Hacks are never a good thing to practice in any kind of game. There might be a lot of people criticizing or even encouraging but the truth is that the hacks will lead to a permanent ID ban and if done in server time then a permanent device ban.

These types of hacks are also not good for player’s devices as they may get a serious virus attack from these. Purchasing of the hacks is also not preferred as they may lead to scams or carding which is again illegal. The Free Fire security system is trying its best to make free fire clean and presentable for the Free Fire players.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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