RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s Heritage Commission will celebrate the 20th anniversary of UNESCO’s Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage at Grassy Park in Riyadh from Oct. 17-19. 

Organizers said the event reflects an interest in cultural heritage and its diversity, and the efforts made to preserve, protect and promote it since the signing of the 2003 convention. They said it sheds light on the initiatives of the intangible cultural heritage sector. 

The celebration will witness the launch of the Intangible Heritage Association, the first body of its kind.

It will also feature 20 cultural events, such as clay, handicrafts, falconry and culinary arts exhibitions; artistic performances by performers from various regions of the Kingdom; classical Saudi music; and a photo exhibition highlighting Saudi Arabia’s achievements in preserving intangible heritage, among other attractions. 

A “Heritage in Our Eyes” exhibition will display children’s drawings about intangible heritage. It will also feature various children’s workshops on traditional arts and crafts. 

Organizers said that through the event, the Heritage Commission is seeking to spread awareness among the local community about the importance of preserving the Kingdom’s intangible heritage. They said it would reflect the identity of Saudi society and introduce younger generations to the various forms of intangible heritage in the Kingdom. 


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