In celebration of the Ramadan festive season, League of Legends: Wild Rift is introducing a new set of festive-themed events. The new Together Under the Crescent event is bringing about 4 new extra events in Wild Rift, each with exclusive rewards. Players participating in the event can acquire exclusive emotes, mini-avatars and other intriguing rewards. In this guide, we will be checking the roadmap for this new event.

Wild Rift Under the Crescent Event Roadmap: Complete Breakdown

The newest Wild Rift with their Under the Crescent event roadmap features 4 sub-events, each possessing unique tasks and rewards. The main rewards that are obtainable in participating in the events are the following.

  • Hero Selection Chest
  • 1500 Poro Energy
  • Together Under The Crescent exclusive Recall animation
  • Auspicious Crescent exclusive icon borders
  • Ranked Loss Shield Card

Here is the complete list of events below:

Light Up The Darkness

Light Up The Darkness
Image via Riot Games

Participating players have to log in to the game every day to light the lanterns and earn rewards. The Rewards includes:

  • Day 1: 10 Poros Energy
  • Day 2: 10 Poros Energy
  • Day 3: 10 Poros Energy
  • Day 4: 10 Poros Energy
  • Day 5: Exclusive Lantern Lit Nights Icon
  • Day 6: 10 Poros Energy
  • Day 7: 10 Poros Energy
  • Day 8: 10 Poros Energy
  • Day 9: 10 Poros Energy
  • Day 10: Exclusive Happy Fun Times Emotes
  • Day 11: 10 Poros Energy
  • Day 12: 10 Poros Energy
  • Day 13: 10 Poros Energy
  • Day 14: 10 Poros Energy
  • Day 15: Exclusive Crescent Lantern Bauble

Players who do not claim their Lantern Light-up rewards on the day of Logging in can still claim the rewards afterwards since the rewards accumulate each day.

Wake Up, Poro

Wild Rift Under the Crescent Event Wake Up, Poro event
Image via Riot Games

This event is a mini-game in which players can take part, by playing the drums to awaken as many sleeping Poros as possible within 20 seconds. The more players rank up and progress in this mini-game, they will receive different rewards.

From 8th March till the 19th of March 2024, Players will be able to claim missions and accumulate points for rewards. Whilst as from 20th March to 26th March, the mini-game will no longer be available and the leaderboards will be locked. However, leaderboard rewards and Point rewards can still be claimed during this Time.

Minigame Rules and rewards

  • Base Points: Get 100 points when you awaken a Poro.
  • Item Points: Get 20 points when you pick up an item
  • Earning Stars: 1 Star – 1500 points; 2 Stars – 3500 points, 3 stars – 5500 points
  • Map: Poro Locations on the map are fixed, while item locations are randomized. Thus, 1 of 2 maps available will be selected at random.
  • Final Burst: The mini-game enters the Final Burst phase 5 seconds before it ends. During this, you can gain the Expand Drum Range, Double Score, and Movement speeds increase effects

Rewards obtained on Levelling up in the mini-game are shown below:

  • 10 Stars: Drummer Poro exclusive Icon
  • 20 Stars: 100 Poros Energy
  • 30 Stars: Dreaming It Up exclusive emote.

To obtain extra Poro drums required to participate in the mini-game, there are a few tasks to partake in:

  • Play 1 Game – 1 Poro Drum reward
  • Use Active Items 10 times – 1 Poro Drum reward
  • As a team place 25 sight wards – 1 Poro Drum reward

Fun Times Together

This event is set to release from March 20th to 29th of March, 2024, and will mainly deal with gathering friends to complete specific gameplay tasks and earn rewards. Lots of amazing rewards are available for participating players. Details should be announced later.

Poro’s Gift

This event would allow participating players to collect free goodies, gifts and bonuses. Recall animation and hero selection chest amongst are all available for grabs in the event. The event will run from March 30th to April 10th 2024.

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